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Hi, friends I am making this tutorial to show you the basic rules to follow while using this Grammarly premium account. Also, some of you have told me that while using the premium account the other user deleted their document. So, I don’t know they do it by mistake or what but if you are facing the same kind of problems or if you don’t want to upload your document publicly due to privacy concerns. Then in this tutorial, we tell you the best solutions for the mentioned problems to maintain the privacy of your documents.

How to Maintain the Privacy of  Your Document?

So guys if you have privacy concern that other user can read or delete your document. Then follow the steps given below to maintain the complete privacy of your document.

1- After login to the Grammarly premium account close the main site

2- Now open a new tab and search for any site that takes the text as input here we are going to use


grammarly premium free

3- After opening the site upload or paste your document into the text area as shown above.


grammarly premium free

4- Click the green or red icon at the bottom as shown in above image.


free grammarly hack

5. Now correct your Grammarly mistakes and save it to local your computer without having any privacy concerns.

But guys if you want to use the main site and don’t have any privacy-related concerns then after completion of grammar check save your document to the local computer and remove it from the main site. So that other guys don’t have difficulty in working.


Having Difficulty in Downloading the cookie files?

Now friends, if you are having difficulty to download the cookie file than the main possible reason for that are:-

a.  Your ad blocker is enabled. Plese, disable the adblocker before downloading.

b. The other possible reason is download server is down. For this type of error, please visit after some time.


What to do if all the given cookies are stopped working?

Friends if you Find any non-working cookies then you can post your comment at the end of the blog post so that we can find and update the non-working cookies.

Now, guys if you have any query or problem then you can post your comment below. Thanks for reading please like and subscribe our channel for more updates.

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