android phone not connecting to pc

Hey, guys, if you are facing a problem that your android phone not detected by pc then read this article carefully for the perfect solution. In this article, we are going to tell you all the possible reasons and the best available solution for this type of problem.

One of the major benefits of an Android phone is that you can transfer unlimited files from your phone to your Pc without any restrictions. But the main problem starts when your phone not detected by your pc.

The solution to this type of problem is easy, but the main thing is that you have to find the primary cause of the problem. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to locate the main problem in one take. So you have to try all the possible solutions to find the root of your problem.

So here we are providing a list of all the possible solutions that can help you to detect your android phone on windows.  Go ahead and try them all and comment if it worked for you or not. You can also tell us about any other method that worked for you by commenting below.

#1: Make sure  Your USB Cable is not defective.

It is silly to suggest this, but it can be a valid reason why your Android phone not detected by Windows PC. The defective USB drive might charge your phone, but this doesn’t mean that the cable is not faulty. So try a new cable might help you to overcome this problem.

#2:  Switch the USB Data Cable in the different USB ports.

The front USB ports of your computer start malfunctioning way earlier than the unused USB ports at the back. So check it once again by switching data cable to less-used USB ports or ports at the backside of your laptop.

#3: Always check updates for USB driver

By default, windows came with generic drivers for android, but you can’t trust them to be compatible with every android device. So always try to install the android driver provided by your phone manufacturer and always keep update them.

#4: Reinstall android phone driver

Many times due to some glitch, the driver may stop working. So reinstall the android driver and restart your pc.  To uninstall your Android USB drivers,  look for the Device Manager on Windows then search your phone under Portable Devices.

Right-click on your android phone driver and select Uninstall. Once the USB drivers are uninstalled, then quickly remove the phone cable and restart your PC.

#5: Check your Android phone is connected as a Media device ( MTP ) or Not.

Your phone detected by your pc but until and unless your Android phone not connected as a media device(MTP), you won’t be able to see the contents of your phone on Windows Explorer. So always check that your Android phone connected as a Media device(MTP). So always select  Media device (MTP) when you plug the USB cable into your computer.

#6: Enable USB Debugging.

If you want to use tools such as Oddin and ADB, then you have to enable the USB debugging mode on the android phone. To enable debugging mode, go to setting and then go to developer options in android 4.2 prior versions.  The developer option is hidden by default in 4.2 and higher android versions. Check out to enable the android developer option.

#7 Hardware of your USB port might be faulty.

If all the above reasons did not work for you, then the problem might be on your USB port. You should take your android phone to an authorized service center to find the possible reasons.


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