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How to Download Videos on Pinterest – Here we discussing the subject of Pinterest , Many people don’t know that Pinterest not allow you to download photos and videos from So for those of you who want to download videos on Pinterest, this time I want to make a tutorial how to download videos on pinterest without using additional applications.

The guide on how to download videos on Pinterest is quite easy, you can also check out tutorials and guides to download videos on Pinterest on your Android phone, PC and laptop without having to use any more applications or special software to download Pinterest videos.

How to Download Videos on Pinterest

To download videos on Pinterest without this application, you must have an internet connection (online) There are several websites that we can use to make it easier to download videos from Pinterest. Well here I will use one of the pinterest video download providers whose web address is

Pinterest downloader

Before you download videos on Pinterest, you should first visit the Pinterest download provider site then find one of the videos that you want to download on Pinterest.

Pinterest website

After you look for the video that you want to download, click on the video, then you will find a pin from Pinterest.

Copy Video url

After you click the video that you want to download on Pinterest then copy the url address of the video if you are confused, you can see the image I uploaded above. If you don’t want to be complicated, use the combination button on your keyboard, press Ctrl + C on the Pinterest video url.

Paste the link in pinterest downloader

After that you paste the video link to the Pinterest video download site then click downloadAdvertisementAlso Read: 2 Ways to Download Photos / Images on Pinterest (No Hassle)

pinterest videos download step

After you click download, a video will appear from Pinterest, then look for a dot 3 then click

click the download button

And then you look for the download menu feature so that the video from Pinterest is downloaded on your PC / Android, for the Picture In Picture feature this function is so that you download the cover / image of the video, because we only need the video then select the Download button. After you download videos from Pinterest using the Pinterest video download provider site, the next step is you just have to wait until the video download is complete.

How easy is it to download videos on pinterest, hopefully our article is useful and helpful.

Additional Pinterest Video Download Provider Sites


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