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Lost your Android phone?  Want to track your phone but don’t have an IMEI number? Hey, people if you are facing the same kind of problem then read our article carefully. In this article, we are` going to tell you how easily you can get IMEI number of your Lost phone with the help of the Gmail Account.

Every phone has its own unique IMEI number for the identification of that phone. IMEI number can also be used for tracking the lost or stolen Android phone. You can find the IMEI number of your phone on the top of the phone packaging box or inside the battery area of your phone. The other way to check IMEI number is dialing *#06# on your phone. But in case you forget to note down the IMEI number of your phone and also unfortunately lost your android phone. Now in this kind of situation with the help of android device manager you can easily track your lost android device. But this feature mainly works when your lost android phone somehow connected to the internet via mobile data or wifi networks.

Now, If you want to register a complaint and take help from the legal authorities, then you will have to provide the phone make model and IMEI number. The Legal authorities and phone operators use the IMEI number to track your lost phone. In case your phone can’t be traced then you have an option to blacklist your phone so that no one can use that lost phone.

imei shows

But what happens if you don’t have the IMEI number and packaging box of your lost android phone. Now fortunately if you are an Android user, then Google will automatically save your IMEI number in google settings. So let’s check out these simple steps so that you can find the IMEI code of your lost Android phone with google account settings.

Find your Android device IMEI number in Google Settings

Step 1:  First click on the following link to go to the Google dashboard.

Step 2: Enter your username and password for verification.

Step 3: Now look for the Android and click it to expand.

Step 4: Click shows you all the linked Android phone details with that particular account.


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