autofill android feature

Are you facing trouble in remembering your different user accounts on the internet?  Or if you Don’t want to type your username and password again and again?. So just check out the autofill feature on Android Oreo this will helps you to autofill your username and password on your android phone. Most of us having the account on google, facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. so remembering and entering all these passwords for login everytime is troublesome. These autofill techniques help you to overcome these type of problems.

The android 8.o oreo comes with many unique features, but the new feature which draws our attention is the autofill feature. This new feature is beneficial for both developer and Android users. So check out how this feature works.

What is Autofill?

The autofill is a unique feature that saves your username and password when you first log into your account. When you want to log into the account again on the same device,  The autofill feature will suggest you your saved login details and fill the username and password fields with your one tap. On android oreo, Google offers the framework for apps like Dashlane and LastPass to fill login details securely on android.

How to set the default Autofill service on Oreo?

If you’re not installed any third-party services, then the Google’s Autofill service is set to default. There are many third-party services available for saving your login details on android. Some top reliable application that provides autofill service are:

1- Download and install one of the above application from playstore.

2- Swipe down the notification bar and tap on the settings icon to directly go to the Settings.

3- Now Scroll down and select system settings.

4- In system settings look for  Languages, inputs & gestures and tap it to open.

5- At the end look for the advanced settings and open it.

6- Here look for the autofill service and tap it to open.

7- Now select the installed autofill application service.

Now, whenever you open an application with login fields android will automatically request you to save your password with the installed autofill application. If you are using any authentication in password managers like fingerprint, pattern or pin, then enter it before continuing. Now once you entered and saved the password in all the app next time, it will automatically fill the blanks username password filled.


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