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Mostly all internet browsers today allow users to see the source code of the visited website. In this post, we will find the different ways to see the HTML source code on android, iPhone, tablet, and Pc, etc.

We cover all the possible methods in which you can see the source code of a website. The browser is created to render this Html source and properly display the result to the users. Please keep in mind that the browser only shows the code processed by the server.

How to View Website Page Source on iPhone or iPad – iOS

Follow the steps given below to easily view web page HTML or CSS from your iOs devices.

  1. Download and open the View Source app From AppStore.view source on iphone
  2. Open your safari browser and select the Share button.view source in mobile and pc
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select View Source to open source code.

How to View Webpage Source Code in PC

Every major pc browser allows you to see the source code of a website. Here we show you all the possible methods to view source on the desktop computer.

Chrome Browser – Press the CTRL + U button. Or right-click on the browser and select view page source. Or click the three dots at the top right, then select More tools after that Developer tools and at last Elements tab from the top.

Mozilla Firefox and Netscape – Press the CTRL + U button. Or right-click on the browser screen and select view page source. Or press the alt button, then select Tools, Web Developer, and then Page Source.

Opera – Press Ctrl+U button on the keyboard. Or right-click and select Page Source option from the pop-up window. Or choose the menu option from the top left and then select the Developer option and Page source, respectively.

Internet Explorer – Press CTRL + U button. Or Press the F12 key and select the Debugger option. Or right-click in the browser window and select “View Source.”

How to View Webpage Source Code in Mac

Safari – Press the Option+Command+U. Or right-click on the webpage and choose the Show Page Source option.

Mozilla Firefox – Press the Command+U keys. Or right-click and select the “Page Source” option. Else go to “Tools” then menu, “Web Developer,” and then click on “Page Source.”

Chrome Browser – The keyboard shortcut is Option+Command+U. Or Navigate to View>Developer>View Source.

How to View Source Code in Android phone

Android Users can use Chrome or Firefox to view source by adding view-source: at the front of the URL. For example, to view the source code of Hitutorials enter following in address bar.


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