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All Android phones come with a default music player app. So, why people look for an alternative music app? The main reason for this is that the default music app had very few features with less customizable opportunity.  But these advanced music apps gives you the full customizable opportunity with Advanced features like shuffle, search, playlist creation and much more.

Guys, if you’re, are looking for some advance music feature than check out these apps for greater customization, better sound quality, and much more.  From managing of music files to the editing of music files, you can do multiple things from these third-party music apps.

1- Music Player

Best music player for android music player app

Best Music Player Apps for Android

The music player comes with Powerful features and elegant design. Music player helps you to manage the music files on your android phone. This player also supports the wide range of audio formats like mp3, wav, midi, raw aac files, and other audio formats. The player gives you mp3 editor to make changes on mp3 files. Apps give you a feature so that you can change your songs by shaking your phone. Choose your theme from the rich theme collection. The app also comes with many other unique features like Bass and 3d effect sound, graphical equalizer with presets and option to play songs by folder.

Size:- Varies with device.

Installs:- 10,000,000+.

Current Version:- Varies with device.

Requires Android:- Varies with device.


2- Pi Music Player

top music player for android pi player app

Best Music Player Apps for Android

Pi Music Player is a cool app having stunning Material Design layout. The app also had some excellent power-packed features. It is one of the great apps that can fulfill all your musical requirements.
The built-in Equalizer entirely enhances your music hearing experience. App gives you a mind-blowing graphical user interface with the top class user experience. The folder view option of the app makes it easy to browse through all the music files.  Also, App had a Bass boost effect with built-in 5 band equalizer. No need for external mp3 cutter app you can quickly cut the music files of your choice. Check out the app for rich theme support, lock screen controls, sleep timer and much more.


Size:- 6.4M.

Installs:- 10,000,000+.

Current Version:- 2.6.1.

Requires Android:- 4.1 and up.


3- Music Player – MP3 Player

Best music player for android music mp3 player

Best Music Player Apps for Android

Music Player – MP3 player is a cool app which almost supports all the music and audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV,  MIDI, FLAC, APE, etc. The app had Great looking UI with many advanced features. App had   Equalizer feature with bass boost and reverb effects. The built-in equalizer really enhances your music listening experience. Enjoy the stylish user interface of the app with multiple theme options. The app especially allows you play songs loop, shuffle or order. Scan your phone for all the music files and create a custom playlist. Some other common hit feature of the phone is search songs by keywords, lock screen controls, and sleep timer.

Size:- 10M.

Installs:- 1,000,000+.

Current Version:-

Requires Android:- 4.1 and up.


4- Music player By Green Apple

Free music player app for android

Best Music Player Apps for Android

The music player app by green apple studio is an awesome app which Supports a large number of music files formats such as-: MP3, WAV, MP4,  MO3, M4A, etc. The apps search any music files in seconds by name, genre or artist. It has a unique audio equalizer feature to make your choices like-: pop,  casual, classical, jazz, rock, heavy, folk, hip hop, etc. You can browse and play music by album, artist or songs. The highly customizable music player allows you to choose own gallery image as player background image. Other features include headphone/Bluetooth control features, mp3 cutter and high sound quality with the shuffle feature

Size:- 15M.

Installs:- 1,000,000+.

Current Version:- 1.22.246.

Requires Android:- 4.0 and up.


5- S9 Music Player

best free music apps for android

Best Music Player Apps for Android

S9 Music Player is a unique and feature full music player for the Android device with a simple yet amazing Gui.
The app not only had fantastic UI but also had best in the class sound reproducing capacity. This app generates much louder and clearer sound if especially compared to other apps. The app enriched with the powerful 5 band equalizer, and 10 presets for a sensational musical experience. The app also automatically categorizes all your songs according to an album, artist, genre, and folder, etc. Create your playlist and add songs of your choice. Also had a feature so that you can share your favorite music songs with others.

Size:- 4.5M.

Installs :- 100,000+.

Current Version:- 23.5.18.

Requires Android:- 4.1 and up.

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