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Are you looking for Methods to get Grammarly Premium for Free?  Then in this tutorial, we will show you how to get a Free Grammarly Account. If you don’t know about Grammarly, then let me introduce this fantastic tool. It is the most robust grammar enhancement software available for Windows and Mac. Now you can also use this software as an extension for modern web browsers.

Now Grammarly doesn’t provide any free trial of its premium service. The premium service of Grammarly is not that much costly. But for a student, it is hard to spend that much amount of money on this software. So in this tutorial, we will provide you with different methods that help you to get the premium Grammarly account for free.


Introduction to Grammarly

Grammarly is a cloud-based app that helps you in detecting and correcting potential grammatical errors. Which helps in error-free writing any post, mail, or article. It also shows you the synonyms for the word you wish to use on your document. It is like a permanent grammar teacher on your computer. If you don’t remember the basics of your grammar, don’t worry, Grammarly can take care of all. It ensures that your emails are free from any blunders and make you feel good in front of your customers.

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Premium vs. Free  Grammarly Account Comparison

grammarly free account

*Please note that this is intended for educational purposes. *

As compared to free, the premium version of this software gives you advanced error detection and correction ability. The premium Grammarly gives you an advanced feature, and the free version only gives you essential features. The premium feature gives you secure and error-free writing. Grammarly premium had an inbuilt plagiarism detector and enhanced vocabulary solution. Also, provide service of proof-reading your articles, check for sentence structure, and much more.

Top 3 methods to get Grammarly Premium Free Account


Grammarly premium free


Method 1:- Premium Grammarly EDU Access Code 2019

Grammarly Edu access code gave by educational institutes to their students for online work. If you have the Edu access code, then you can use the premium feature of Grammarly software. So in this tutorial, we are going to provide you with some working edu access codes.

Note:- that some of these codes will work, and some are not due to long load time.

Quickly follow the given below steps to access the advanced features.

1- Signup to Grammarly from the given link.

2- After you fill all the details, hit signup, and now you will be asked for Edu Access Codes.

3- Click the link to download the latest working access codes 2019.


Method 2:- Grammarly Premium Free Account With Cookies.

Internet cookies are data files sent by the website to your computer. The main motive of a cookie is to store the information of the user that visits a particular site. You can get a Grammarly premium account with the help of these stored cookies.  If you get the cookies from a premium user, then you can use the premium account for free.  Now to use the premium cookies, follow the step by step procedure carefully:


Method 1: J2team Cookies Method [Working]


1- Firstly Install the j2team cookies extension on your chrome browser.

2- Download the Grammarly cookies from the below Links.

Grammarly Account Using Instructions

Download J2team Cookies extension to use these cookies.


3-  Visit the and click the j2team icon at the top right of your browser.

4-  Now click the import icon and open the downloaded cookies files.

Wait to page refresh automatically and enjoy the premium account.


Method 2: Edit this cookies Method

Grammarly Premium Free Account

Grammarly Premium Free Account

1- Firstly Download the Grammarly extension on chrome from the official  Grammarly website.


Grammarly Premium account free

Grammarly Premium Free Account

2- Now Install the Edit this cookies extension on your chrome browser.


3- Download the working Grammarly cookies from the below links. Make sure that Adblocker is turned off before continuing.

Must Read:- Read Before Downloading these Files.

Grammarly Account Using Instructions

This Method is Not Working Use Above J2team Cookies Method.

4- Now, visit the and wait for the page to load completely.

Grammarly Premium account hack

 Grammarly Premium Free Account

5- After loading the full page, now click on the edit this cookies icon on the top, as shown above.

6- Now, click on the recycle bin icon to remove all the cookies.


Grammarly Premium Free account username password

Grammarly Premium Free Account

7- Then open the previously downloaded cookie files and Press “Ctrl + A” to copy the whole text from the file.


hack grammarly account

Grammarly Premium Free Account

8- Click the Import icon at the top and paste the copied text.


hack grammarly premium free

Grammarly Premium Free Account

9-  Now, click the green check sign at the bottom to submit new cookies.

10-  Refresh your browser page and enjoy the premium cookies version.

Note -: Remember, do not log out otherwise that cookies won’t work again.


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Method 3:- Grammarly Premium Free Username and password

Now also we are going to share some Grammarly premium account with the hitutorial readers. This Accounts will go to expire soon so enjoy.  Before starts using follow these rules strictly.

Rules to Follow:

A- Never copy-paste or delete someone’s uploads.

B- If the password changed by someone, then comment below.

C- Don’t change email or password else you will face the ban.

D- Don’t share a username and password with others; instead, you can share this post link.


Steps To Login Premium Account

1- Download  Premium Account login details from the link.

2- Install Grammarly extension on your chrome browser.

3- Login using Grammarly account username and password.  Now enjoy the premium account for free at no cost.


METHOD 4:- Grammarly premium Referral Program

The Grammarly premium referral program is officially launched to expand the business. So now Grammarly provides you with the one-week trial of their premium Grammarly account by simply creating a new account. Once the trial expired after one week, you can extend it by inviting your friends through their referral program. Each referral gives you the week access to the premium account.


grammarly premium for free


So now enjoy unlimited premium Grammarly service by referring Grammarly through Grammarly refer code to your friends. Now think if you send this to 10 people, you can get the premium service for the ten weeks almost 3 to 4 months without doing much.

Follow the below steps to get your premium account.

1- First, create a new premium Account from the official site.

2- Now add the chrome extension on your browser.

3- Login to your Grammarly account.

grammarly premium access code

4- Now click the extension icon and then invite friends option.

5- When a new window opens, then share your affiliate links with your friends. If you share it with your 50 friends and when they log in it with your affiliate link, then you can get up to a 1-year premium account.



METHOD 5:- Grammarly premium Free for bloggers

Here we are giving you the secret way for the bloggers who are having an excellent ranked blog or website. The blogger must have decent traffic on their blog for getting this premium account.


grammraly premium free trial


Now follow the given below steps to get Grammarly premium Account.

1- Firstly, signup to the Grammarly premium account.

2- Now use the Grammarly free version for 4 to 5 days.

3- After 4 to 5 days now, you can send an email to the Grammarly team. That’s you are using their free version and have a pleasant experience with them. Now you want to write a sponsored post about them for this you want This premium Account service.

4- If they approve your request, they can send you a premium account with username and password for one month.

5- After using for a month, then you have to write a review post about their premium account for further process.

6- Once you have written the whole review, send it to the affiliate team. As described above, in the same way, you can quickly get a Premium Grammarly Account for free.



METHOD 6:- Free Grammarly Account Via Flikover

Flikover is a group buy online service which helps you to get access to premium SEO products. This service helps you to access premium SEO products at a cheap rate. Flikover gives you lifetime access to the premium SEO tools.


purchase with with flikover

Xfinity username and pass

Flikover Purchase the original SEO tools from the company and then share the cookies of unique Seo tools. The cookies are shared with the help of plugins. So you have two installs these plugins on to your browser to use their premium service.

Follow the steps below to get your Grammarly account.

1- Firstly, download the Flikover plugin on your chrome browser.

2- Visit the and create a new account.

3- Enter valid details to log in to your new account.

4- After the successful login, you will see the main dashboard.

5- Scroll down and choose the Grammarly and click on the buy now.

6- Pay with the available payment method and get your lifetime premium account.


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