Hello, guys welcome to xfinity wifi free trial hack method in this learning tutorial I will show you how you can easily hack Xfinity wifi hotspot password. Now the method I am going to tell you is basically Xfinity wifi free trial hack method which helps you to get unlimited wifi trial. As you all know, the Xfinity wifi access pass is only available to its customers. But with this method, you can easily bypass the Xfinity wifi password with few simple steps.

What is Xfinity Wi-fi?

XFINITY Wi-fi is a nationwide network of hotspots that permits you to connect to the Web at the fastest Wi-fi speeds. Access to the hotspots is offered only to XFINITY Internet clients. It also supports the auto-connection feature whenever the permitted devices are in range. Basically, Xfinity Wi-fi is the next-generation wifi technique to share personal information online with higher connectivity. It is fast and secure internet service that can be used with any types of devices.

What is Xfinity Wi-fi Username and Password

To use Xfinity Wi-fi on your devices, you need to enter a valid login ID and password. In case you’ve both of these credentials than you might get access to the high-speed internet everywhere at free of cost. But when you don’t possess a valid login ID, you can still bypass their username and password page. But it might get you in legal trouble.

How do I access to xfinity wifi free trial hack?

Firstly enable wifi access on your WiFi-enabled device. Find and choose the XFINITY Wi-fi hotspot (network name: “xfinitywifi” or “UNIVERSAL”)  and launch your browser.  Now you’ll be redirected to the XFINITY Wi-fi login page. In case the page doesn’t automatically redirect, type another address in your browser — such as www.google.com — to be redirected to the XFINITY Wi-fi login page. Sign in as a GUEST, or whether you’re a client, sign in with your XFINITY username and password to start surfing, streaming and much more.

xfinity username password hack

 *Please note that this is intended for educational purposes. *

As you know, everybody wants to bypass wifi login page, So they are searching for Xfinity Wifi Free Trial Hack, Xfinity Wifi Login Hack — Xfinity wifi Username and Password. So for those individuals, we’re sharing Xfinity Wifi username and password bypass article that’s how to hack Xfinity Wi-fi password. Here we want to clarify that we are not sharing any malicious links on our website so feel safe and start reading.

Disclaimer – here we are not providing any hacking content or malicious link.

Xfinity Wi-fi Login Hack — Xfinity Wifi Login Password

Wi-fi is famous for the fastest Internet speed in schools and colleges as well. After getting a lot of requests, we’re here to share an article on how to bypass Xfinity Wi-fi login page. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to avoid login page where you’ve to enter username and password. Nearly, this kind of securities is put up in schools, colleges, resorts, and universities. Therefore, everybody wants to break this protection to enjoy free wifi access.

Hack Xfinity WiFi Hotspot Password

The Xfinity provides you the one hour trial of Xfinity wifi. So now we are going to show you the trick to reset Xfinity wifi trial so that you can get unlimited free Xfinity WiFi trials. Our tutorial does not provide you any free Xfinity wifi username and password, but we are showing you the method to bypass Xfinity login page.

1- First go to playstore and search for wifi pass app for your android phone. I believe this app works on iOS too.

bypass Xfinity wifi hotspot

xfinity wifi free trial hack

2-  Now select the Wifi Pass app as shown above and install it on your android phone.

xfinity wifi free trial hack

free Xfinity account

3- Then open your wifi and search for Xfinity wifi hotspot and then connect to the nearest Xfinity hotspot.

select xfinity wifi bypass method

xfinity wifi free trial hack

4- Open the wifi pass app and then choose the first option “Just Login to Xfinity Normally” and hit ok.

login in for free xfinity WiFi pass

Xfinity wifi login hack

5- Now you can see a screen saying connecting, please wait after that an ad appears on your screen wait for few seconds.

Xfinity wifi free trial hack

Xfinity wifi free trial hack

6- After the ads, the application redirected you to a new site which gives you two option.

xfinity wifi free trial hack

hack Xfinity wifi hotspot password

7- Select the option “I am not Xfinity user” and then enter your email address if you are using this app for the first time. Now hit the start session button, and now you will be redirected to a new Xfinity welcome page, and now you are good to go now enjoy the unlimited wifi for free.


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